Hardy® Knotless Tapered Leaders

Hardy® Knotless Tapered Leaders


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  • Manufactured using only the very finest copolymer material. The taper is designed to be stiff in the butt with the most delicate of forward sections 
  • Knotless tapered leaders roll over much more easily and present your flies so much more delicately than home-made leaders. Perfect for wild fish in clear waters 
  • The absence of knots is of great benefit, especially when fishing the surface or top zones
Finely tuned tapers for perfect turnover and presentation under the most taxing conditions - stiff in the butt with the most delicate of forward sections. Manufactured using the very finest copolymer material. 
Hardy® Knotless Tapered Leaders
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    Plastic Clam / Blister
    Break Strength
    4lb | 1.8kg

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