Hardy Fin & Fly

November 2015

  • European Championships The 2015 FIPS Mouche European Fly Fishing Championships were held a few short weeks ago in the Trentino region of Italy and centred around the town of Ponte Arche. Read More
  • The Chalkstream The Test, Itchen and Hampshire Avon are the world's most famous fly fishing rivers. Their crystal clear waters flow through the bands of subsurface chalk that run across southern England producing the internationally rare and unique phenomena – the chalkstream. Read More
  • The all important Exuviae Exuviae is the scientific term used to describe the remains of an exoskeleton, the waste skin left after the insect has moulted. Surprisingly, this shed skin of the animal can be important to biologists as it can often be used to identify the species of the animal and even its sex. Read More